Fest 2016


Appa Art Fest is to commemorate the birthday of artist K.N.Ramachandran and his love for art, through a national art fest held under the K.N. Ramachandran Memorial Trust.

Artist K.N. Ramachandran is immortal even today as he has carved a niche for himself in the world of Fine Arts. He started his career as a Movie Banner Artist and later started painting on canvas, working on a variety of different painting series’ like the ‘market series,’ ‘boat series,’ ‘diya series’ to name a few. His master strokes and control over his skill is evident in his portraits, landscapes, realistic paintings, abstracts and even his few sculptures. He has lead a legendary life with the creative world. For him artist camps, exhibitions, honours and awards were all in a days work.

For the joy of creation

More than 50 Artists from all over India will be participating in this Festival starting April 27th to May 1st. The main highlights of the festival are 1 National Level Artist Camp, 4 Exhibitions, 6 Workshops and 5 Sound and light design shows.

Artists will get to display their creative skills like painting, sculpting, clay modelling, light design, design thinking, street art, robotics, sound design and mind healing through design. The five days will culminate in a honoring ceremony where one senior artist (non participating artist) will be bestowed the honor of the K.N. RAMACHANDRAN LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD.