Appa Art Fest < 1947 - 2017 >

Art Over a 70 Year

Last year, we held the first edition of Appa Art Fest in tribute to the artistry of the late K.N Ramachandran, at the place he held art the closest - his home in Kamshet. Overlooking the lakeside, Calmshet as the property is called, lent its natural surroundings to a festival that saw art intermingle with nature in the most organic manner. Easels set up at ease along the pathways, stalls with quirky wares, music that complemented the still evenings - it was truly a magical event.

This year, Appa Art Fest 2017 will carry forward the sensory experience away from the city, with 70 Indian & British artists, 7 workshops and 7 exhibitions! To encourage creativity, we have given each artist a claim over a year from 1947 to 2017, to use as inspiration for their canvases. It will be interesting to see how they best encapsulate the particular year they have chosen, in their own unique brushstrokes. This will all culminate into a 70-year timeline of stories told via art.

For the joy of creation

The visual extravagance doesn’t end there: the fest will also see sculptural delights, captivating installations, performances, and the natural lakeside to reflect over the day.

Come immerse yourself in an art fiesta that will whisk you away, back in time.